Hello lovely followers! How would you feel about an fyeahcutemoths contest to celebrate our first anniversary?

  1. pawniardmoved answered: Sounds good! I’d love to contribute art!
  2. moregloriouspurpose answered: YEEEEESSSSSSSS
  3. cjwhiteshizzle answered: Yessssssss
  4. simoneam answered: go for it
  5. bluegreentourmaline answered: Sounds good!
  6. magweno answered: I’d happily donate a plush as a prize! I’ll have my moth prototypes finished tomorrow, I’ll send you a pic.
  7. neiratina answered: That’d be awesome! What kind of contest?
  8. obfuscobble answered: Yes please!
  9. octoberwaffle answered: What kind of contest? I’d be game but I might not be able to participate!
  10. frothingmagpies answered: That would be wonderful ^.^
  11. currycat said: Duh
  12. wormflesh answered: that would be cool
  13. clusterpod answered: Yes. Yes, let us compete!
  14. theprettiestboy answered: Yes please!
  15. typothalamus answered: Yes!
  16. nurnielfa answered: Great!
  17. littlestspider answered: yes pls
  18. ladyboros answered: yeah yeah yeah!!!!!!!!!
  19. adrapsa answered: yes! :D
  20. colorlesscupcake answered: AWWWYEAH
  21. skanderbeg said: Yes.
  22. oseillee answered: That would be precious. I can’t wait.
  23. mothsarefluffy answered: yes yes yes yes YES!
  24. tser answered: yay!
  25. amnesia-machine answered: awww yiss! :D what would this contest entail?
  26. maeverose answered: yeah!
  27. izzy-the-fish-girl answered: Maybe a moth plushie would be better for those of us who can’t have any more live animals. Or a mounted moth. But I love the idea!
  28. capuntain answered: I WOULD PARTICIPATE IN THIS FULL FORCE
  29. marycapaldi answered: YES