It’s a little late this week, but better than never, right? Anyway, you’re always welcome to request pics or information of certain moths to be put in the weekly feature, or just to look at if you want!I would appreciate the help on finding a suitable moth each week otl.

Moth of the Week: Pebble Prominent, Notodonta ziczac

Meet Notodonta ziczac, or the Pebble Prominent Moth, a common garden variety of moth from the family Notodontinidae. This pretty, rich brown moth is found throughout Europe and some parts of Asia but is regularly found in the UK. They are medium-sized, with a wingspan of about 40-45 mm, but calm and docile in character. Pebble Prominents prefer damp deciduous forests, but can be found in parks and the suburbs, too. They are regularly seen from April to August, and have two generations per year.

Like most caterpillars, larvae start out their lives on their host plants. They like to eat a variety of different things, including such common plants as poplar, aspen and willow, but are not pests. Once they are ready to pupate, they will quickly spin a cocoon and stay there for about ten days. They can also overwinter. Adult moths do not eat. Apparently it’s also known as Eligmodonta ziczac.

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